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Since its creation in 1989, Sanitech, located in Bourbonne-les-Bains in Haute-Marne (52), has been at your service for all plumbing, heating, sanitary, and electrical work. From new installations to emergency repairs, as well as renovation work, we can meet any demand and provide you with the best advice to find suitable solutions together. Our experienced technicians regularly undergo training to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and we specialize in renewable energy, offering pellet boilers, wood gasification boilers, thermodynamic water heaters, solar panels, and heat pumps. We are RGE certified in all these fields, allowing you to benefit from available subsidies such as MA PRIME RENOV, CEE certificates, and more.

  • Heating

    SANITECH technicians intervene within a 60 km radius for all heating works: installation, repairs, and maintenance. In addition to traditional energies such as oil and gas, we also specialize in renewable energies, particularly biomass: wood, pellets, and heat pumps. We work with well-known brands such as ATLANTIC, DE DIETRICH, ROTEX-DAIKIN, FROLING, WEISHAUPT, VIESSMANN...

  • Plumbing

    SANITECH technicians intervene within a radius of 60 km for all plumbing works: repairing leaks, unclogging pipes, etc. Our advantage: we have an inspection camera. Also, consider water treatment - we can advise you on the installation of water softeners, reverse osmosis systems, etc.

  • Sanitary

    SANITECH is at your service for any creation or modification of your plumbing installation: a turnkey bathroom, an adaptation for people with reduced mobility or a simple replacement of sanitary appliances or faucets, we can meet all requests. We work with well-known major brands: VILLEROY ET BOCH, JACOB DELAFON, ALLIA, NOVELLINI, LEDA, BWT, ...

Plumber and heating engineer in Bourbonne-les-Bains (Haute-Marne), plumber and heating engineer in Jussey (Haute-Saône), plumber and heating engineer in Laferté-sur-Amance (52), plumber and heating engineer in Meley (52), plumber and heating engineer in Monthureux-sur-Saone (Vosges), plumber and heating engineer in Lamarche (Vosges), plumber and heating engineer in Fayl-Billot (52), plumber and heating engineer in Corre (Haute-Saône), plumber and heating engineer in Langres (52), plumber and heating engineer in Neuilly-l'Evêque (52), plumber and heating engineer in Breuvannes (52).

The CEE (Energy Saving Certificates) scheme allows for financial savings on energy renovation works. Indeed, Energy Saving Certificates (CEE) were put in place to combat climate change through imposed rules on energy suppliers and fuel distributors. One of these rules requires these "obliged parties" in the energy sector to purchase these certificates or face fines. They can purchase them from local businesses or individuals. This little-known aid can cover up to 40% of the total amount of the works carried out. It is also combinable with other energy assistance such as interest-free loans (PTZ) or the ecological transition tax credit. In some cases, it is even possible to finance 100% of the renovations with this combination.